You live as long as you dance – Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev

Since April, our Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Seniors line dancing program has been taking place in the plaza at Riley Park next to the community gardens. The backdrop is nothing short of picturesque for our dancers!

As the weather warmed, our seniors were finding it harder and harder to dance in the hot sun. It soon became obvious that we had to find an indoor location if we wanted our seniors to continue enjoying the line dancing lessons and staying safe.

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, we extend our deepest gratitude to City Heights, for stepping up and offering the perfect space for our seniors to line dance. As of mid-July, the line dancing classes now take place at City Heights (155 East 37th Avenue). The large room opens to a patio outside that is partially shaded by trees. This offering allows our seniors to choose their preferred place to dance, be it inside or amid the refreshing outdoor breeze.

Another shout-out goes to Agnes Lo, our beloved instructor. It’s hard to imagine the same level of turnout without the radiant energy she infuses into every class. Not only is she very good at what she does, but she also makes the classes fun and engaging. This woman knows her stuff! GRAPEVINE TO THE LEFT!

In this evolving journey, we are reminded that it’s more than dance; it’s a testament to the vitality of community, the resilience of seniors, and the power of shared passions. As the music weaves its magic, the bonds grow stronger, one step at a time.

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