Exciting Happenings at Little Mountain Child Development Centre (CDC):

  1. August was a month filled with excitement as we had some very special guests at our daycare – Elvis and Princess! The children were overjoyed by their visit.
  2. As the new school year began in September, we bid farewell to 9 of our children who will go on to start their kindergarten journey. In their place, we welcomed an additional 9 children into our program.
  3. To celebrate the departure of our kindergarten-bound kids, we organized a special Good-bye Pizza Party. Each departing child received a special completion of daycare certificate and a good-bye book to remember the time that they spent with us.

Little Mountain Out of School Care (LMOSC) Highlights:

  1. This year, LMOSC proudly hosted a bustling summer program. Amongst our many adventures, trips to White Pine Beach and Buntzen Lake stood out as favourites.
  2. We were incredibly fortunate to welcome back LMOSC alumni as volunteers, adding depth and a sense of community to our activities.
  3. This fall, we’re fostering a sense of responsibility amongst our older children by encouraging them to step into the role of ‘big buddies,’ providing invaluable support and guidance to the new and younger kids in our care.
  4. As the weather begins to cool, we’re gearing up for some delightful baking sessions to keep us warm and create delicious treats together!

Marguerite Out of School Care: A Summer of Growth and Excitement

  1. This summer, Marguerite Out of School Care hosted another successful summer camp program, welcoming over 20 enthusiastic children each week. Our program offered a wide array of experiences, from visits to our local beaches to in-center activities such as a Murder Mystery Tea Party.
  2. One of the highlights of our summer was the return of a volunteer, a former participant who came back to lend a helping hand. Their contribution added a special touch to our summer camp.
  3. As September has arrived, we are delighted to kick off our regular programming and activities. Our club offerings, including the ever-popular Pokémon and baking clubs, are a source of fun for our children and provide them with opportunities to explore their interests.