‘The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.’ Coretta Scott King

In the wake of the fire that struck our office and home on Main St, our spirits were shaken, but what followed was an overwhelming display of unity and compassion that left us profoundly grateful. With over 40 years of memories and countless programs impacted, the losses were substantial, but the outpouring of support from our entire community has been nothing short of heartwarming.

Our journey to recovery has been challenging, but it has been met with unwavering dedication and effort from our remarkable staff at the Little Mountain Neighbourhood House. Despite the upheaval, they worked tirelessly to find new locations and ensured that our planned summer programs continued without much delay. Their Herculean efforts deserve our deepest thanks.

The Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC, Broadway Youth Resource Centre, and Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House deserve special recognition for generously providing us with free office space. Additionally, 411 Seniors’ offer of reduced rent for office space was much-needed support during this trying time.

We have been blessed with a wave of donations from empathetic organizations. Telus and Faxsipit Services Inc. contributed used computers, laptops, and other electronic equipment, while other companies and community partners offered furnishings, supplies, and other essential items.

The community’s response has been nothing short of extraordinary. Bethel International Church, Vancouver Fountain Alliance Church, Holy Cross Anglican Church and Marpole Neighbourhood House have stepped up by providing reduced rent for our programming, while others graciously offered to cover expenses and waive fees. Their selflessness has shown us the true meaning of community.

We are also immensely grateful to the City of Vancouver for their timely approval of a $20,000 Emergency Grant to help address immediate space, equipment, and other impact needs caused by the fire. Their additional contribution of $1,000 towards fridges for our food distribution program was invaluable. The Farmers Market’s provision of extra coupons for food-insecure individuals in our community was an extra touch of kindness.

To those who have reached out asking how they can help, we express our heartfelt appreciation. If you wish to contribute financially to our recovery and stay updated on our programs, please visit our website and check our Recovery Update blog for further information.

The outpouring of support we’ve received warms our hearts and fuels our determination to move forward as a stronger organization. These trying times have allowed us to grasp the true impact and significance of our work. We stand united in gratitude for our incredible community, whose compassion and solidarity have shown us the true essence of humanity. Together, we will rebuild and create an even brighter future.