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Growing food, eating together, and sharing around the table connects us to each other and to our communities. The Newcomers Community Kitchen (NCK) is a place to meet others, learn new recipes from across cultures and cuisine, and share food. Participants include a mix of nationalities, with recipes that reflect the dynamic and diverse group of newcomers and volunteers that come to the program. Food is a way to bring people together, while the kitchen functions as a space for informal cultural ,social and knowledge exchange. Participants share personal and meaningful recipes and lead cooking activities, that spark conversations about how food is prepared and perceived in different cultures. The atmosphere is lively and relaxed as participants gain cooking skills, language skills, and a sense of belonging. Programs such as the Newcomers Community Kitchen support knowledge exchange and cross-cultural food literacy skills while providing safe and inclusive spaces for newcomers to participate, share their voices and their favourite recipes. Programs like this ensure that newcomers are welcomed and feel part of the community; that they are supported through local food and community initiatives which are part of LMNHS’ mandate and role within the Little Mountain-Riley Park Neighbourhood Food Network. Newcomers Community Kitchen is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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