Good Neighbours Award

awardThe Good Neighbours Awards Celebration is an annual event hosted by the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia (ANHBC). The Awards offer an opportunity for staff, and volunteers to come together to celebrate and honour those who have made significant and long lasting contributions to our Neighbourhood Houses and communities in which they work and live.

Christina Poon – Good Neighbours Award

Christina started volunteering at Little Mountain Neighbourhood House (LMNH) in early 2010. Since then, she has become an active and almost indispensable member in the seniors group at LMNH with over 600 volunteering hours devoted to the community. Apart from facilitating and promoting ongoing seniors programs, such as Line Dancing, Older Adult Drop-in, Christina has also made great efforts in improving the quality and variety of seniors programs.

Christina has been applying annually for the RBC volunteer grants since 2011, and the $3000 she got in total over the years was used towards big events for seniors at Little Mountain. Without the money she got, LMNH might not have been able to keep its tradition and offer annual Lunar New Year gatherings with free lunch to local seniors. For several years, Christina organizes intergenerational Ping Pong tournaments during summer with the money she got from the Neighbourhood Small Grants Project. Seniors and kids gather together to play Ping Pong, board games,  do crafts and enjoy some yummy food at the tournaments. The program offered local seniors a place to have fun when other seniors programs at LMNH are not available during the summer.

Two years ago, LMNH got a New Horizons Grant for Seniors to start a new singing program for seniors called Life Songs: Telling Our Stories through Conversation and Music. Despite all the other volunteer work she had already been doing, Christina gladly accepted the invitation from the staff and became one of the committee members who planned and supported the program. Life Songs program started in March 2015, and has been successfully running ever since. Every Friday over twenty seniors come to LMNH to sing classic English songs and talk about their lives together.

Seniors are always delighted to have Christina around, and her dedication and enthusiasm also influenced other participants in the seniors program. Encouraged by Christina, many seniors became volunteers and started facilitating programs and events for seniors. At LMNH, we really appreciate Christina’s commitment and dedication for supporting the seniors and many other programs at LMNH and for enriching the lives of hundreds of people in our community. We are very fortunate to have Christina as our volunteer, and we are honoured to nominate her for the 2017 Good Neighbours Awards.

Nguyen Do Phuong Anh – Youth Good Neighbour Award

Anya Nguyen has taken initiative on multiple occassions during her six months as a volunteer on the Youth Council.  She was one of the first students who suggested that we work with a charity, and was very involved in the process of selecting the Beauty Night Society as our community partner.  Beauty Night Society is a non-profit organization focused on giving dignity to financially disadvantaged women.  Since then, Anya has shown up to every volunteering session.  She is warm and enthusiastic, always willing to do any task required, and develops strong connections with the clients at Beauty Night Society.  With respect to dedication and cheerfulness. Anya has set a great example for her peers. Anya is also always eager to take part in community events at our Little Mountain Neighbourhood House and help out in whatever capacity is needed.



Project House – Corporate Good Neighbour Award

Project House Business Solutions Inc. is a small consulting firm led by a team of dynamic women that live in the LM neighbourhood. They are committed to providing expertise, energy, and time to organizations in our community.  For the past few years, Project House has been providing support to LMNH on a variety of projects on a volunteer basis, including performance reviews and feedback materials, orientation manual updates, paperless office training, and ongoing general Human Resource and operational support.  They recently led a huge multi-office revamp.  After creating and reviewing a staff survey, Project House redesigned our office spaces to be brighter and more efficient.  They coordinated a volunteer crew through disposing of old furniture and equipment, a deep cleaning and painting, construction of new furniture, and creation of an overall fresh look and feel.

Besides the strong partnership Project House has established with the neighbourhood house, they have also supported their children’s local schools in many ways, and with their business, they are focused on providing extra muscle to local companies of all sizes.  They bring passion, integrity, and creativity to everything they do, and we feel very fortunate to be connected.   We look forward to continuing this strong relationship and we’re happy to nominate Project House for our Corporate Good Neighbourhood Award this year.