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The LMNHS Food Hub 

The LMNH Food Hub is our response to increased food insecurity in our community. Our mission is to create a local, community-led food system. We aim to reduce food insecurity in our community, and increase access to healthy food in a way that promotes dignity, equity and respect. We are dedicated to providing space to grow food, build community, and care for the lands on which we live, work, and play. Our Food Hub focuses on two priorities in our community: Growing Our Food and Feeding Our Community.

Download our LMNHS Food Hub - 2022 Handbook HERE to find out more about the LMNH Food Hub and how you can get involved!

Come and volunteer with us! We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for all of our programs. Contact us at the emails below for more information.

Growing our Food

The gardens are community spaces that aim to tackle food insecurity while enhancing community engagement.

We grow food in the Riley Park Community Garden (RPG), through the Yard Garden Harvest Project and in partnership with the UBC Farm Practicum Program. Our programs and partnerships improve our community's food sovereignty and allow community members to develop connections with neighbours and learn how to grow their own food. The food we grow also provides healthy, locally grown produce for our Food Distribution program.

Feeding our Community

Our food distribution programs aim to increase access to healthy food and build community.

We feed our community by running a weekly food distribution program at LMNHS, delivering quarterly food hampers and meals to seniors and providing gift cards to families. These programs provide the opportunity for community members to build connections to one another and to staff and volunteers at LMNHS. They also provide non-judgmental, low-barrier spaces where individuals who are experiencing food insecurity can come and feel welcomed and supported.

Building Collective Food Resilience

Our info-graphic and toolkit for building collective food resilience are now available. The toolkit was designed to support community-based organizations in this work and offer practical examples, resources and tips for implementation. It will be updated as we continue to work through the strategies and receive feedback. Download our Infographic, toolkit and feedback survey at the links below and join us to reflect on our food security journey.

Maria V.
Community and Family Programs Manager
Email: Maria V.

Community Engagement Coordinator
Email: Joanne

Maria P.
Food Distribution Coordinator
Phone: 236.862.8280
Email: Maria P.

Yard Garden Coordinator
Email: Breagha

Riley Park Community Garden


Riley Park Community Garden (RPCG) has a communal model of community gardening –which means we share the work and share the harvest.

Harvests are shared among volunteers throughout the growing season, and excess produce is donated to LMNHS Food Hub Program.

The garden is also an inclusive gathering place for the larger community, reflecting our core visions to improve food security, ecological sustainability and community development. We host various events during the growing season.

There are no wait list to join this community garden, just a willingness to show up and join in the fun of growing your own food.

Download our 2022 Impact Report HERE

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Riley Park Farmers Market Donation Station

We run a monthly donation station at the Riley Park Farmers Market where community members and farmers are able to donate money and produce for our Food Distribution Program.

Where: Riley Park 50 East 30th Avenue
When: First Saturday of each month

Contact: Joanne for more information

Food Distribution Program

The LMNHS Food Distribution Program was created due to increased food insecurity in our community during COVID-19. Starting out as a hamper program, it has evolved into a market style program where food is displayed on tables allowing participants to choose their food items. Operating on a weekly basis, we aim to provide healthy, culturally appropriate fresh produce and non-perishable food items at no cost.

Our program is currently only able to serve individuals who live within the geographic boundary from Cambie to Knight Street and 16th to 49th Avenue.

Contact: Maria P.

Download our 2022 Impact Report HERE.

Community Fridge and Pantry

In December 2021, we developed a new partnership with the Vancouver Community Fridge Project. Our new community fridge and pantry provide a low-barrier space for community members to take what they need and leave what they can. They are both located outside of Little Mountain Neighbourhood House and are accessible 24/7.

Contact: Lynette


Yard Garden Harvest Program

A community food security project of Little Mountain Neighbourhood House, we are a group of dedicated volunteers and one coordinator who grow food in yards generously shared by Riley Park neighbours. The produce we grow supplements food from the Vancouver Food Bank in Little Mountain's Food Distribution program that serves individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. The program provides community members with a chance to create meaningful connections, contribute to the well-being of our community through volunteering and learn and practice sustainable farming.

Please contact Breagha for more information.

Download our 2022 Impact Report HERE.

One Page – Yard Garden

Volunteering Information

We offer Volunteers:

  • Short garden shifts that include tasks such as planting, weeding, pruning, harvesting and watering produce. Garden shifts are around 2 - 3 hours long and are a great way to meet and connect with new people!
  • Long-term leadership roles that can be hands-on in the garden or remote. Leadership roles are a great way to gain meaningful work experience that will challenge you and give you key skills that can be applied to leadership positions in the future.
  • Opportunities to become a mentor or mentee for those involved in leadership roles.
  • Volunteer and community events that will include games, prizes and updates about the impact of the project
  • Reference letters for engaged and committed volunteers
  • A certificate for volunteer hours completed.

How to get involved:

We are a city-wide grassroots network of people, organizations, and agencies collaborating on food security initiatives. Locally, our Little Mountain Riley Park (LM-RP) Neighbourhood Food Network (NFN) is working with community members, businesses, and organizations to ensure that all our residents have access to healthy food. 

Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks